Some Site Updates

For the last three years, the site has been largely unchanged with regard to the structure and overall function even while I continue to work to provide quality technical content. However, time was beginning to take its toll, and some “under the hood” work was needed. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent some time updating the site, and there are a few changes I wanted to mention.

  1. The site has been updated to use a much more recent version of Hugo. This change is largely invisible to readers, but a couple of the site changes are related to this upgrade. Specifically…
  2. Although the main RSS feed for the site (found here) remains a full content feed, I ran into issues getting Hugo to use my custom RSS templates for generating the category and tag feeds (for example, the RSS feed for the “Tutorial” category, or the RSS feed for the “Kubernetes” tag). You’ll now find that the category and tag feeds are summary feeds only as opposed to full content feeds. I do intend to restore them to full content feeds as soon as possible.
  3. Finally, I’ve updated the “metadata line” when viewing a single article to include word count and estimated reading time. This isn’t much of a change, but it is a change, so I wanted to briefly mention it.

All existing links and cross-references should continue to work with no issues, but if you do happen to come across a link that doesn’t work please let me know. You can hit me on Twitter, or find me in any one of the various Slack communities I frequent. Thanks!

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