Runecast Analyzer 4.5 with Kubernetes analysis

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With Runecast Analyzer 4.5, Runecast extends best practices and security checks also to Kubernetes infrastructure.

To design working Kubernetes infrastructures, you must pay attention in terms of performance optimization and security concern with the help of specific tools to analyze your environment before deploying the environment to production. Here Runecast Analyzer 4.5 comes into play.


What’s new in Runecast Analyzer 4.5

Latest Runecast Analyzer version analyzes and provides the recommendations needed to optimize and secure Kubernetes environment as well as the Custom Profile support.


Kubernetes best practices and security standards

There are several points to consider during the implementation of a Kubernetes environment and tracking every aspect could be challenging. With the help of Runecast Analyzer, developers are now able to analyze the environments against security and best practices.

Issue View (picture from Runecast)

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Inventory View (picture from Runecast)

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With Runecast Analyzer 4.5 developers can save a lot of time taking benefit of automated checks against best practices and security standards compliance.


Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles allows the creation of custom baseline of rules by copying rules from any list view in Runecast Analyzer. Rule’s name or description can be adjusted and some sets of rules can be customized.

This feature allows to check the environment based on the rule set applicable for your company policies to prove compliance. The process can be automated to check for any compliance issues also for your internal rules avoiding manual verifications.

Custom Profile View (picture from Runecast)

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The constant development of Runecast Analyzer tool makes available to administrators a complete set of features useful to secure and optimize production environments. such as Kubernetes, AWS, Horizon, SAP Hana, vSAN, NSX just to name a few.

Runecast Analyzer is available to download as 14-day trial.


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