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Technology Short Take 136

Welcome to Technology Short Take #136, the first Short Take of 2021! The content this time around seems to be a bit more security-focused, but I’ve still managed to include a few links in other

Virtual Machine Startup Shells Closes the Digital Divide One Cloud Computer at a Time

Startup turns devices you probably already own – from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and game consoles – into full-fledged computers. Shells (, a new entrant in the virtual machine and cloud computing space,

Discover Fedora Kinoite: a Silverblue variant with the KDE Plasma desktop

Fedora Kinoite is an immutable desktop operating system featuring the KDE Plasma desktop. In short, Fedora Kinoite is like Fedora Silverblue but with KDE instead of GNOME. It is an emerging variant of Fedora, based

Using Velero to Protect Cluster API

Cluster API (also known as CAPI) is, as you may already know, an effort within the upstream Kubernetes community to apply Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster lifecycle management—in short, to use Kubernetes to manage the lifecycle

Java development on Fedora Linux

Java is a lot. Aside from being an island of Indonesia, it is a large software development ecosystem. Java was released in January 1996. It is approaching its 25th birthday and it’s still a popular

An Introduction to Linux Gaming thanks to ProtonDB

Video Games On Linux?  In this article, the newest compatibility feature for gaming will be introduced and explained for all you dedicated video game fanatics.  Valve releases its new compatibility feature to innovate Linux gaming,

Details on the New Desk Layout

Over the holiday break I made some time to work on my desk layout, something I’d been wanting to do for quite a while. I’d been wanting to “up my game,” so to speak, with

Network address translation part 1 – packet tracing

The first post in a series about network address translation (NAT). Part 1 shows how to use the iptables/nftables packet tracing feature to find the source of NAT related connectivity problems. Introduction Network address translation