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Technology Short Take 133

Welcome to Technology Short Take #133! This time around, I have a collection of links featuring the new Raspberry Pi 400, some macOS security-related articles, information on AWS Nitro Enclaves and gVisor, and a few

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Wait, what? 2 seconds to open a safe?

You trust that safe in your hotel room? You sure about that?Need help? Join my Discord: Menu:Overview: 0:00Demo safe: 0:08Store money and passports in safe: 0:52Angle Grinder: 1:27Huk lockpick toolset: 1:38Get ready: 1:55Open Safe:

Hot Swappable Filesystems, as Smooth as Btrfs

Filesystems, like file cabinets or drawers, control how your operating system stores data. They also hold metadata like filetypes, what is attached to data, and who has access to that data. For windows or macOS

VMware UAG: Two-Factor Authentication configuration

VMware UAG: Two-Factor Authentication configuration To add an extra layer of security to VMware UAG appliance, the authentication process can be enforced using a Two-Factor Authentication procedure with solutions such as Duo Authentication Proxy. If

How to Try Linux Without a Classical Installation

For many different reasons, you may not be able to install Linux on your computer. Maybe you are not familiar with words like partitioning and bootloader, maybe you share the PC with your family, maybe

Raspberry Pi 400 Desktop PC: Complete specs and pricing

The Raspberry Foundation released a brand new version of the Raspberry PI PC (personal computer), and it is directly built into a small-sized keyboard. The Raspberry Pi 4 model was released in June 2019, and

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How I did it

In only 3 seconds I will have access to your computer. Never do this!Need help? Join my Discord: Menu:Overview: 0:00Which operating systems are supported: 1:01Important Message: 1:29Products: 1:45Do I need to buy the book?

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Cain and Abel Install Windows 10

How to install Cain and Abel on Windows 10. Full download and installation process.Need help? Join my Discord: Menu:Overview: 0:00Disable Virus Protection: 1:10Download Cain and Abel: 1:48Download WinPcap: 3:02Install WinPcap: 3:28Install Cain and Abel: