Linux is a free and open-source kernel developed by Linus Torvalds, a Unix-like operating system clone. XKCD comic has a long tradition for including humorous geeky cartoons. In this post, I pick my favorite XKCD comics for Linux and Unix fans.


XKCD comics for Linux and Unix fans

XKCD comic often deals with tech humor, programming, maths, science, Linux/Unix, human relationships in humorous ways. Hence I find them useful especially XKCD comics related to Linux.

1. Sandwitch

On a Linux and Unix, including macOS we can provide all sorts of admin rights to developers and other sysadmins using the sudo command. The sudo is used to override rights temporarily, and this comic deals with that situation.
XKCD sudo sandwich comic

2. Command line fu

The Linux CLI allows us to make do anything. However, you are expected to hack your way to read documents/man pages that take a long time. This XKCD comic deals with an intimate relationship with Linux users.
Command Line Fu

3. Letting go of relationship

How do you let go of someone you Love? I know it painful, but you can do it Linux way.
At least I never gave her the root password.
When my last relationship ceased, I had to revoke her email account, VPN certificate, and shell account. Relationships always get weird, and this one hits close to home to me.

4. Fight

Another XKCD comic is dealing with human love and relationship complications. In this one, Megan is mad at Cueball from a fight. However, she shows a sign of forgiving him through an overly affectionate love note by formatting his computer. The title text read as follows:

And she put sweet nothings in all my .conf files. It’ll take me forever to get X working again.

Back in days getting Xorg was a real pain for Linux or Unix desktop users.
The .conf files of Linux- and Unix-based systems are text based files where all the settings for various applications are stored

5. Linux tech support

This comic strip deals with vexatious and unproductive Linux tech support issues when the user calls for the Linux support helpline.
So as not to leave you hanging -- it was a problem with select() calls.

6. User-friendliness of latest Ubuntu Linux release

Ubuntu is known for easy to use Linux distro for new users and developers. This strip explains problems that appear when you leave decisions to a program. The title text read as “I hear this is an option in the latest Ubuntu release.
User-friendliness of latest Ubuntu Linux release

7. Dealing with security holes in Debian Linux

The Debian Linux had a significant security problem in the cryptographic library called OpenSSL. After the OpenSSL security problem was discovered, all cryptographic keys generated on Linux operating system needed replacement. Therefore Many distros introduced appropriate checks for such weak keys, and this comic deals with that situation.
rue story: I had to try several times to upload this comic because my ssh key was blacklisted.
The author claimed that, he had to try several times to upload this comic because my ssh key was blacklisted.

8. Linux user goes to the Airport

The various characters cause problems at the airport due to their different characteristics. In the 3rd panel, Cueball is required to disable the WiFi transmission to avoid radio transmitting signals. Since his Linux laptop user and he doesn’t know how to change the WiFi settings. So he is reading the man page for the iwconfig. An older command that used controls the wireless radio on Linux, and he is running out of time to disable WiFi as the airplane is about to take off.
Linux user goes to the Airport

8 Linux Commands: To Find Out Wireless Network Speed, Signal Strength And Other Information

9. Cautionary tell of Linux users

Yeah, talk to your kids about Linux before somebody else 😉
XKCD comic about cautionary tell of Linux desktop user
I think this XKCD strip mainly deals with difficulties in using Linux in 2008, but clearly, the author believes Linux has some advantages in fun ways. Back in days, Linux had a reputation for poor support for many Wi-Fi cards and other devices. Today, many laptops come preloaded (preinstalled) with Linux operating systems, and Android phones or tablets are probably the most used Linux devices on the planet Earth apart from Linux-based cloud servers.

10. Microsoft going to love Linux one day predicated by XKCD in 2008

In the early days, Microsoft hated Linux and free/open-source software. At one point, called it as Cancer. Redmond, WA is HQ to Microsoft who makes the Windows operating system and is considered a rival for Linux. The Google trend “Installing Ubuntu” indicates an embarrassing search coming from Microsoft HQ.
XKCD comics for Linux and Unix fans

11. Proprietary file format

Linux is open source and easy to add support 4096 CPUs than smooth flash playback because it is a proprietary format. Adobe provides zero cooperation for Linux desktop users. Linux system powers top of the world’s supercomputers. Flash video support was always inadequate on Linux desktop, and many users like me were affected badly. However, the HPC user relies on Linux, and they fund Linux kernel development for high-end features. None of this matter now as flash is dead. But it is a good lesson in history, I guess.
: I hear many of you finally have smooth Flash support, but me and my Intel card are still waiting on a kernel patch somewhere in the pipeline before we can watch Jon Stewart smoothly.

12. Hacking ready human

Linux is an open-source kernel and eventually support added for all hardware, which is illustrated here.
Damn. Not only did he not install it, he sutured a 'Vista-Ready' sticker onto my arm.

13. sudo: This incident will be reported

This comic requires no introduction, as everyone in the Linux and Unix sysadmin community giggles with it.
sudo incident

14. Naming things is always the hardest

Choosing a name for a server is essential, and it takes a lot of time, and we know it. Luckily Linux allows us to change hostname after installation but it is hard 😉
Linux hostname

15. tar --help

The XKCD comic is about the difficulty of the tar command line options on the Unix and Linux system.
tar - XKCD comics for Linux


Credit for all these comic goes to Randall Munroe. Thanks for keeping us entertained. I hope you enjoyed my personal favorite top 15 XKCD comics for Linux and Unix fans and programmers. Did I miss your favorite XKCD cartoon? Let me know in the comments section below. If you find this useful, you may find Randall’s books useful too.

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