Software with artificial intelligence capabilities layered with cloud computing can allow businesses to improve their data management, visualize insights that represent patterns in information, deliver a better customer experience, and optimize their workflows.

CAST AI is one such software. The multi-cloud computing software optimizes customer experience for businesses. The platform manages and computes a multi-cloud system and deploys applications across it to prevent any downtime. It cuts down your company’s expenses and improves your productivity while increasing compliance.

CAST AI Features

CAST AI is a multi-cloud computing software that optimizes customer experience for businesses. The platform manages and computes a multi-cloud system and deploys applications across it to prevent any downtime.


Its purpose is to ensure that developers spend time outlining strategies and solving problems requiring human intervention instead of performing repetitive tasks. That’s why CAST AI has features to help you create a future-ready posture for your company when it comes to cloud computing.

Multi-Cloud Management

CAST AI offers a set of procedures and tools to monitor your workloads and applications and secure them on public clouds.

Many companies work with a single cloud provider, but this causes them to be overly dependent on their services. If the cloud is down, your company suffers from downtime. On the other hand, using multiple cloud services can be challenging to manage.

However, CAST AI enables your IT team to use a single interface to manage all the clouds you use. It focuses on Kubernetes cloud optimization. You can use CAST AI to share workloads across clouds and check performance, cluster metrics, and events.

By using a multi-cloud system, you avoid depending on a single provider. You can also use each cloud for its relative strength, thereby optimizing costs and space usage.

It’s clear that management becomes more difficult as you add more clouds to the mix. However, CAST AI simplifies and streamlines cloud management for you through centralization and integration with other solutions and tools.

Performance Analytics

CAST AI’s performance analytics capabilities enable you to use a single record-keeping system to collect and analyze data. You can use this feature to visualize, track, and aggregate your business’s key performance indicators (KPI) for results that are more accurate than one-time reporting.

The performance analytics feature helps you gain actionable insight into your company’s strategies. You can use these insights to improve performance and optimize future plans. CAST AI’s up-to-date, clear visualizations quickly and effectively convey the integral points of the report.

Cost Management

The cost management capabilities that CAST AI provides enable companies to monitor their projects’ profitability. You can estimate the costs of delivering various kinds of projects and identify actual expenses to calculate projected or real profit.

CAST AI helps you ensure that your projects don’t exceed the expenses you’ve estimated and accounted for. The software integrates seamlessly with many portfolio and project management solutions.

Capacity Analysis

CAST AI’s capacity analysis process models the capacity of your services, processes, facilities, and infrastructure. The feature helps you determine the maximum output of a facility or process by taking all the relevant constraints into account.

There are always limitations to how much output your business can produce. The capacity analysis helps you determine how to optimize your processes for maximum capacity.

Billing And Provisioning

CAST AI’s fully integrated expense management system enables you to keep tabs on recurring revenues. It includes invoice management capabilities that provide detailed record-keeping for all orders.

The provisioning system helps your company launch services and digital subscriptions that stand out against competitors’ offerings. CAST AI’s unified communications system enables you to develop and deepen relationships with customers.

Centralized Storage

CAST AI was developed to help companies manage their data and applications across multiple clouds through centralized storage. Your company’s data and information offer you advantages over competitors in your niche, so it’s imperative that you secure it.

Centralized storage increases efficiency, convenience, and speed while protecting your company’s data. Since you can share data between clouds using CAST AI, it’s possible to easily and quickly access the information. Centralized data allows for quick back-ups that make workflow more effective.

Storing and backing up data centrally also helps you cut down costs. Decentralized data is more time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome to maintain and manage.

Compliance Management

Use CAST AI to monitor, track and audit your business processes to ensure they align with organizational policies, applicable legislation, and industry standards. This feature keeps your data safe through cyber-security compliance and helps you track employees’ access to sensitive data.

Automated Deployment

You get to use a single step to ship code from initial development environments to production or staging. The action is partially or fully automated and helps your business ensure more reliable and efficient deployments. It eliminates the need for human intervention in repetitive deployment tasks that can be easily automated.

How CAST AI Reduces Cloud Costs

CAST AI cuts cloud costs substantially through:

  • Spot instance automation, which reduces costs by 90% through production-grade support
  • Intelligent autoscaling, which cuts expenses by 50% since your system will automatically adapt to the current load
  • AI instance optimization, which cuts costs by 46% by choosing the optimal instance type for each process. The Kubernetes workload’s most basic deployable object, known as a pod, sets the proper memory limits and CPU automatically.

You can calculate how cost-affective CAST AI is for your organization through their savings calculator:

Business Continuity With CAST AI

CAST AI keeps businesses running even when the public cloud is down through its:

  • Built-in global load balancing, which distributes your traffic evenly across healthy cloud endpoints
  • Active-active multi-cloud, which replicates your data and applications across clouds to ensure uptime under any circumstances
  • Live pod migration, which ensures flexibility by moving pods between nodes without having to restart the system.

Increased Productivity With CAST AI

CAST AI’s optimizes productivity through its:

  • Security processes that encrypt your data in transit or at rest and manage your company’s network security, visibility, and logging.
  • Routine task automation that enables developers to focus on tasks that require human intervention instead of wasting effort on repetitive details associated with load balancing, networks, and storage
  • Visibility metrics that help you forecast and analyze costs for deployments, clusters, and projects.


CAST AI offers transparent pricing plans for your company. These include:

  • A free version for up to 20 CPUs through their Early Bird offer
  • A Growth version for 21 to 50 CPUs priced between $210 to $500 per month, depending on the number of CPUs you use
  • An Enterprise version tailored to meet your business needs for $5000 per month.

In Conclusion

CAST AI is a decentralizing force for the cloud industry that eliminates the limits cloud providers put on innovators. Its high performance, efficiency, and resilience make it an ideal, cost-effective infrastructure for any business using the Kubernetes open-source system to manage, scale, and deploy their computer applications.

By Ian Hayes

Ian Hayes

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