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Today, we are announcing the availability of Braket Direct, a new Amazon Braket program that helps quantum researchers dive deeper into quantum computing. This program lets you get dedicated, private access to the full capacity of various quantum processing units (QPUs) without any queues or wait times, connect with quantum computing specialists to receive expert guidance for your workloads, and get early access to features and devices with limited availability to conduct cutting-edge research on today’s noisy quantum devices.

Since its launch in 2020, Amazon Braket has democratized access to quantum computing by offering on-demand access to various QPUs using shared, public availability windows, where you only pay for the duration of your reservation.

You can now use Braket Direct to reserve the entire dedicated machine for a period of time on IonQ Aria, QuEra Aquila, and Rigetti Aspen-M-3 devices for running your most complex, long-running, time-sensitive workloads, or conducting live events such as training workshops and hackathons, where you pay only for what you reserve.

To further your research, you can now engage directly with Braket’s experts through free office hours or one-on-one, hands-on reservation prep sessions. For deeper research collaborations, you can connect with specialists from quantum hardware providers such as IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, Rigetti, or Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, our dedicated professional services team.

Finally, to truly push the boundaries, you can gain access to experimental capabilities that have limited or reduced availability starting with IonQ’s highest fidelity, 30-qubit Forte device.

Braket Direct expands on our commitment to accelerate research and innovation in quantum computing without requiring any upfront fees or long-term commitments.

Getting started with Braket Direct
To get started, go to the Amazon Braket console and choose Braket Direct in the left pane. You can see new features such as quantum hardware reservation, expert advice and get access to next-generation quantum hardware and features.

1. Request a quantum hardware reservation
To create a reservation, choose Reserve device and select the Device that you would like to reserve. Provide your contact information, including your name and email address, any details about the workload that you would like to execute using your reservation, such as desired reservation length, relevant constraints, and desired schedule.

Braket Direct assures that you have the full capacity of the QPU during your reservation and the predictability that your workloads will execute when your reservation begins.

If you are interested in connecting with a Braket expert for a one-on-one reservation prep session after your reservation is confirmed, you can select that option at no additional cost.

Choose Submit to complete your reservation request. A Braket team member will email you within 2–3 business days, pending request verification. To make the most of your reservation, you can choose to pre-create your tasks and jobs prior to a reservation to maximize use of the time.

To learn more about your quantum tasks and hybrid jobs to execute in a device reservation, see Get started with Braket Direct in the AWS documentation.

2. Get support from quantum computing experts
You can get in touch with quantum experts and get advice about your workload. With Braket office hours, Braket experts can help you go from ideation to execution faster at no additional cost. Explore your device to fit your use case, identify options to make best use of Braket for your algorithm, and get recommendations on how to use certain Braket features like Hybrid Jobs, Braket Pulse, or Analog Hamiltonian Simulation.

To book an upcoming Braket office hours slot, choose Sign up and fill out your contact information, workload details, and any desired discussion topics. You will receive a calendar invitation to the next available slot by email.

To take advantage of experts from quantum hardware providers, choose Connect and browse their professional services listings on AWS Marketplace.

The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab is a collaborative research and professional services team staffed with quantum computing experts who can assist you in more effectively exploring quantum computing, engaging in quantum research, and assessing the current performance of this technology. To contact the Quantum Solutions Lab, select Connect and fill out contact information and use case details. The team will email you with next steps.

3. Access to cutting-edge capabilities
To move your research quicker, you can get early access to innovative new capabilities. With Braket Direct, you can easily request access to cutting-edge capabilities, such as new quantum devices with limited availability, directly in the Braket console. Today, you can get reservation-only access to IonQ’s highest-fidelity Forte QPU. Due to its limited availability, this device is currently only available through Braket Direct reservations.

Now available
Braket Direct is now generally available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Braket is available. To learn more, see the Braket Direct page and pricing page.

Give it a try and send feedback to AWS re:Post for Amazon Braket, Quantum Computing Stack Exchange, or through your usual AWS Support contacts.

— Channy

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