Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t going anywhere — in fact, it seems to only be becoming more powerful and prevalent. It’s even made its way into the moving industry. AI has the potential to significantly enhance the moving experience and make it easier for all parties, including moving companies.

What does AI have to do with moving? How are businesses using it to make moves more manageable for residential and commercial moves? Find the answers to these and other pressing AI-related questions below.

How AI Transforms the Relocation Process

Artificial intelligence offers many benefits to moving companies and their clients, whether they’re helping them move to a new state or a new country. Here are some of the most significant ways that AI can transform the relocation process:

Anticipating Problems

Many organizations use AI-powered tools to help them anticipate possible problems they may encounter — including problems associated with a big move.

For example, as moving businesses are putting together quotes for clients, they will need to evaluate extensive data collections to help them create an accurate and detailed estimate. AI-powered solutions can make this process easier and more efficient.

Reducing Expenses

Increased efficiency allows for greater cost savings in nearly all things.

There’s no getting around the expenses associated with a big move, at least not completely. However, moving companies can save a lot of money by streamlining processes and avoiding mistakes during the planning process (including those related to quotes, timelines, scheduling, etc.).

Personalized Customer Experiences

When moving companies utilize AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, they can completely revolutionize customer interactions. With help from these intelligent systems, moving companies can easily handle customer questions and concerns and provide prompt, personalized responses.

Moving businesses can also use AI chatbots to help with other tasks, such as guiding clients to ensure they choose the correct services or providing advice on packing, planning, etc.

IoT-Enabled Tracking

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) can work together to deliver real-time tracking information. That way, customers will also know where their belongings are during the move.

GPS-equipped IoT devices can help customers monitor items’ location, providing greater peace of mind throughout the relocation process. This integration can also enable moving companies to optimize delivery schedules and improve their security measures.

Why AI is Essential for a Modern Relocation Experience

Many moving organizations have started incorporating artificial intelligence into their everyday operations because of its power to enhance the customer experience during a move. Put simply, AI makes just about everything more manageable.

The following are some specific examples of how AI can modernize and streamline the moving process:

Helps with Route Planning

With help from AI, moving companies can evaluate different routes and identify the most efficient one to get them from their current location to the client’s destination.

AI tools can also provide real-time updates — including updates based on traffic changes, road construction, etc. — and ensure that movers are consistently working with the most up-to-date information possible. That way, they can trust that they are truly following the fastest route to get to a particular destination.

Increases Productivity

It’s not uncommon for productivity to dip during big moving projects, including major moves in which team members are getting pulled in 100 different directions.

Because AI helps with efficiency and simplifies many of the processes associated with planning and executing a move, it leaves more time for workers to focus on essential tasks — including the everyday responsibilities associated with their jobs.

Challenges in Implementing AI Solutions for Relocation

Artificial intelligence has the power to revolutionize the way moving companies help clients relocate. However, the process of implementing AI solutions is not without its challenges.

The following are some examples of challenges moving businesses might face, complete with possible solutions:

Leadership and Employee Buy-in

Although AI is much more widespread than it used to be, many people are still wary of it and unsure of whether or not they want to incorporate it into their workflows — including their moving workflows.

Although some might be on board with using AI-powered solutions to assist with helping clients move, others might be on the fence. This division can create extra friction and interfere with productivity and morale.

Those who are interested in using AI can gain leadership and employee buy-in by thoroughly explaining the benefits AI brings to the table. When others understand what AI can do for them, they may be more inclined to experiment with new-to-them solutions.

Infrastructure Issues

Even if everyone is on board with an AI-powered relocation, the moving company might lack the infrastructure needed to utilize the latest AI solutions.

The good news is that there are many AI solutions to choose from. With careful comparison and research, organizations can choose tools that will work with their existing infrastructure and won’t have to worry about slow-downs, a lack of access to certain features, etc.

Cost Requirements

Some may be hesitant about using AI-powered solutions in their organizations because of the upfront costs associated with some tools. It’s important to note, though, that in many cases, the savings AI can provide — especially when it comes to increased productivity, more accurate quoting, more precise planning, etc. — may outweigh the initial expense of a new solution.

Technical Knowledge Gaps

Moving teams may also be unsure of using artificial intelligence because they lack the technical knowledge needed to utilize it properly and get the most out of it.

To combat this issue, when searching for solutions, it’s helpful to choose options that come with extensive resources and training materials. These resources, in turn, can be used to support those who are less tech-savvy and help them feel more supported as they learn to navigate new tools.

AI-Powered Solutions to Overcome Relocation Challenges

Residential and commercial moves come with numerous hurdles and can create a lot of stress for everyone involved, including the moving team overseeing the entire project. That’s where artificial intelligence can come in handy. AI-powered tools have the potential to minimize those hurdles and reduce the pressure placed on workers as they plan and manage the move.

By Nancy Zafrani

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