In the digitized corridors of modern healthcare, patient data emerges as the lifeblood, fueling every aspect of clinical decision-making, personalized treatment, and ongoing research. As we entrust our most intimate health details to electronic health records (EHRs), the imperatives of robust data backup and ironclad security protocols cannot be overstated. The importance of patient data transcends mere record-keeping; it represents the sanctity of personal health information and the collective wisdom gleaned from countless medical interactions.

However, this invaluable data trove is not impervious to threats. Cyber-attacks targeting healthcare systems and their data backups have surged, data breaches have led to significant losses, and unexpected downtimes have jeopardized both patient safety and trust. In the face of such risks, the backup and security of patient data evolve from IT concerns to foundational pillars of healthcare integrity. This article will delve into the multifaceted importance of patient data, the potentially devastating consequences of its compromise, and the critical strategies required to safeguard it against the growing sophistication of digital threats. The commitment to protecting patient data is not just a technical challenge; it is a moral imperative that upholds the very essence of healthcare provision in the 21st century.

Securing Healthcare Data with Innovation: The Ciox Health and Veeam Success Story

Ciox Health, a member of the Datavant Group, spearheads innovative data technology solutions that facilitate the flow of healthcare information, thereby enhancing patient care. Ciox is dedicated to transforming health data into valuable insights, overcoming hurdles in areas including clinical data collection, information disclosure, and medical coding

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the safety and accessibility of patient data are paramount. Ciox Health, a leader in healthcare information management, has pioneered the use of cutting-edge hybrid cloud backup solutions to ensure that their vast data reserves are both secure and readily available. By integrating Veeam Data Platform – Advanced Edition, along with Veeam Backup for cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure, Ciox has set a new standard for data management within the industry.

Ciox’s forward-thinking approach is encapsulated by their embrace of Veeam’s technology, which thrives on flexibility and doesn’t get bogged down by the specifics of data location or hardware variations. As Mike Hudec, a key voice at Ciox, affirms, Veeam’s ability to offer top-notch backup and recovery tools across their varied technological environments made it the standout choice for their needs. It’s the blend of adaptability and cost-efficiency that makes Veeam an indispensable part of their operation.

With a robust system safeguarding 14,000 workloads and handling over 500 terabytes of data daily, Ciox has created an impenetrable fortress for their data. This includes everything from their life sciences research data to their administrative functions. The unique feature of Veeam is its agility – Ciox can transfer their backups between Azure and AWS with ease, ensuring data recovery is possible from multiple sources, a testament to the seamless integration with multi-cloud environments.

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The shift towards cloud-centric operations has been significant, with Ciox strategically retiring physical data centers to make way for more cloud-based solutions. Veeam has been pivotal in this transition, enabling swift and cost-effective data migrations without the need for additional external services. It’s become the go-to tool for Ciox, exemplifying efficiency and reliability.

As Ciox continues to delve into innovative technology avenues, Veeam stands as a guardian, adding an extra layer of protection. This protective shell allows Ciox the freedom to explore and integrate sophisticated technologies such as Kubernetes, Amazon S3, and Azure Blob Storage. Veeam’s flexibility is again highlighted by its capability to dynamically scale and restore complex workloads quickly, accommodating for systems that aren’t naturally scalable.

Embracing what they refer to as ‘Data Freedom,’ Ciox, with Veeam’s support, is not only redefining their technological landscape but is also reinforcing their commitment to delivering premium, cost-effective healthcare services. The Veeam solution has not just been a data backup tool for Ciox; it has become a strategic partner in their journey towards technological advancement and excellence in healthcare data management.

Veeam Powers Ciox’s High-Availability of Medical Records Across Clouds for Enhanced Patient Care

With the support of Veeam’s native, purpose-built solutions, Ciox health has the confidence to be able to provide access to an unprecedented level of medical records for healthcare professionals. With the Veeam Data Platform, Ciox can provide access to over 100,000 medical records each minute between their diverse cloud environments making what they do a cornerstone of successful patient care outcomes.

Our business is incredibly data-intensive,” said Hudec. “For example, one of our most critical databases logs 40,000 transactions per minute. Managing data at scale is a challenge, but we must do it well — people’s lives depend on it. So, we looked for a robust data protection solution that would allow us to recover fast in the event of disasters such as cyberattacks or hardware failures.”

Moreover, Veeam’s efficiency is evident in its cost-effective data management. Ciox creates immutable backups totaling 500 terabytes daily, with monthly expenses under USD 20,000—a figure that Hudec highlights as impressively economical given the volume and cross-cloud backup strategy involved.

Additionally, Veeam has been instrumental in reducing costs and facilitating agility during Ciox’s data center consolidation efforts. By enabling smooth data transfers between various clouds, Veeam has positioned itself as Ciox’s preferred tool for backup and recovery solutions. The approach offers substantial savings, both in terms of time and finances, when compared to other methods. Veeam’s platform-agnostic solutions also diminish the risks associated with data management, by providing Ciox with centralized management, end-to-end layered security and a hybrid and multi-cloud ready platform they are able to maintain an environment that can adapt to changing needs.

In conclusion, Veeam’s solutions have not only helped Ciox continue to secure their position within the healthcare data management sector, but have also underscored the importance of having a fast, secure, and agile hybrid cloud backup solution that supports hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, end-to-end- layered security with fast-reliable recovery to support mission-critical workloads in patient care.

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By Randy Ferguson

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