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Today I’m boarding a plane for Madrid. I will attend the AWS Summit Madrid this Thursday, and I will take Serverlesspresso with me. Serverlesspresso is a demo that we take to events, in where you can learn how to build event-driven architectures with serverless. If you are visiting an AWS Summit, most probably you will find one of our booths.

Serverlesspresso at Madrid

Last Week’s Launches
Here are some launches that got my attention during the previous week.

Amazon SQS – Customers were very excited when we announced the DLQ redrive for Amazon SQS as that feature helped them to easily redirect the failed messages. This week we added support for AWS SDK and CLI for this feature, allowing you to redrive the messages on the DLQ automatically, making it even easier to use this feature. You can read Seb’s blog post about this new feature to learn how to get started.

AWS Lambda – AWS Lambda now supports Ruby 3.2. Ruby 3.2 has many new improvements, for example, passing anonymous arguments to functions or having endless methods. Check out this blog post that goes in depth into each of the new features.

Amazon Fraud Detector – Amazon Fraud Detector supports event orchestration with Amazon EventBridge. This is a very important feature because now you can act on the different events that Fraud Detector emits, for example, send notifications to different stakeholders.

AWS Glue – This week, AWS Glue made two important announcements. First, it announced the general availability of AWS Glue for Ray, a new data integration engine option for AWS Glue. Ray is a popular new open-source compute framework that helps developers to scale their Python workloads. In addition, AWS Glue announced AWS Glue Data Quality, a new capability that automatically measures and monitors data lake and data pipeline quality.

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) – AWS Signer and Amazon ECR announced a new feature that allows you to sign and verify container images. You can use Signer to validate that only container images you have approved are deployed in your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) clusters.

Amazon QuickSight – Amazon QuickSight now supports APIs to automate asset deployment, so you can replicate the same QuickSight assets in multiple Regions and account easily. You can read more on how to use those APIs in this blog post.

For a full list of AWS announcements, be sure to keep an eye on the What’s New at AWS page.

Other AWS News
Some other updates and news that you may have missed:

Upcoming AWS Events
Check your calendars and sign up for these AWS events:

  • AWS Silicon Innovation Day (June 21) – A one-day virtual event that focuses on AWS Silicon and how you can take advantage of AWS’s unique offerings. Learn more and register here.
  • AWS Global Summits – There are many summits going on right now around the world: Toronto (June 14), Madrid (June 15), and Milano (June 22).
  • AWS Community Day – Join a community-led conference run by AWS user group leaders in your region: Chicago (June 15), Manila (June 29–30), Chile (July 1), and Munich (September 14).
  • CDK Day – CDK Day is happening again this year on September 29. The call for papers for this event is open, and this year we are also accepting talks in Spanish. Submit your talk here.

That’s all for this week. Check back next Monday for another Week in Review!

This post is part of our Week in Review series. Check back each week for a quick roundup of interesting news and announcements from AWS!

— Marcia

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