I love using Fedora Linux on desktops and servers. Fedora Linux is also a great platform for cloud applications. Starting today, you can deploy Fedora Linux 35 at Vexxhost! 🎉

Vexxhost offers an open-source cloud with OpenStack under the hood. You can deploy Fedora Linux on cloud infrastructure in Canada, the United States, and the Netherlands. They also deliver many other OpenStack-based services to provide load balancers, block storage, and object storage.

Would you like to run Fedora Linux on ARM? Vexxhost offers x86_64 and AArch64 architectures in their public cloud and Fedora Linux 35 works on both. It makes a great place to test ARM deployments before you run them on dedicated ARM hardware such as the Raspberry Pi.

Ready to get started with Fedora Linux 35 on Vexxhost? Sign up for a new account and then look for the Fedora Linux images in your region in the dashboard or via openstack image list on the command line.

Here are the image IDs for each region:

Region aarch64 x86_64
Montreal (ca-ymq-1) 2bd8691d-709b-4b23-a432-c52aab7c2fb8 708cb3c3-1171-4c56-928e-1b2e7f6e68a8
Amsterdam (ams1) 8ced0015-5416-4dac-b661-8e7b2164b50c
San Jose (sjc1) 210b2e3f-ce55-4745-b14c-41eced31e3d1

Learn more about the Fedora Cloud Base images and other clouds where you can use Fedora Linux.

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