[UPDATE: This classroom session has been postponed. Stay tuned to the Magazine for information about an upcoming make-up date.]

The Fedora Classroom is a project to help people by spreading knowledge on subjects related to Fedora for others, If you would like to propose a session, feel free to open a ticket here with the tag “classroom.” If you’re interested in taking a proposed session, kindly let us know and once you take it, you will be awarded the Sensei Badge too as a token of appreciation. Recordings from the previous sessions can be found here.

We’re back with another awesome classroom on IRC 101 led by Pac23.

About the Session: A Beginners Guide to Internet Relay Chat

In short, the IRC 101 session will be a guide for newcomers on how to get started with IRC with the Fedora community and hang out with other contributors in IRC. After finishing the session you will have the knowledge to setup your IRC client and start communicating with other Fedora people.

When and where

The Classroom session will be organized on May 9th, 16:00 UTC. Here’s a link to see what time it is in your timezone. The session will be streamed on Fedora Project’s YouTube channel.

Topics covered in the session

  • Why IRC & How it works?
  • How to install an IRC Client.
  • Registering your nick in IRC
  • Some basic commands, modes & access controls
  • Joining fedora channels
  • Brownie Topic: Fedora bots in IRC.

About the instructor

Pac23’s been around in the Fedora community and contributing to the project for around a year. He’s started with volunteering to package a custom kernel. He’s also a Computer Engineering undergrad at the University of Mumbai. His interests mostly reside in DevOps, IoT & system design. Outside computer science, he loves traveling, airplanes and history. He can be found as pac23 in IRC channels including #fedora-neuro, #fedora-devel, and #fedora-kernel.

If you miss the session, no worries. The recording will also be uploaded in the Fedora Project‘s YouTube channel.

We hope you can attend and enjoy this experience from some of the awesome people that work in Fedora Project. We look forward to seeing you in the Classroom session.

Photograph used in feature image is San Simeon School House by Anita Ritenour — CC-BY 2.0.


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