Fixing Virtual Machine Crashes

ubercloud-iconThis article describes some steps you can follow and tools you can use for troubleshooting why a virtual machine crashes. As more and more organizations migrate their physical servers to virtual machines, the types of problems associated with physical servers are becoming increasingly more common in enterprise environments. For example, in the old days system administrators sometimes had to wrestle with physical servers crashing with the notorious Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD).

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VMware vSphere OpenStack

ubercloud-iconVMware has been getting involved with the OpenStack Linux project over the last couple of years. They’ve created Hands On Labs geared towards OpenStack as well as creating the VOVA virtual Cloud Cluster appliance to make it easier for VMware administrators to get started with OpenStack. The VOVA appliance is not meant to be used in production. It is only a proof-of-concept appliance. It will allow VMware admins to deploy private clouds within their environments, though, and will give them insight into the OpenStack environment via vCenter. For more information on this see the OpenStack page on the VMware Developer Center site.

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VMware vSphere Resource Management

ubercloud-iconIn this article, we’ll dive deeper into the topic of vSphere resource management by covering the basics of resource management configuration. To cover this topic, we’ll discuss allocation settings, shares, reservations, limits, which allocation method to use, and admission control.

Again, why is it that you would need to configure resource allocation in vSphere? It’s not something that is required in all cases. However, if you already know that you have instances where there are greater resources demanded than are available, you already know you need to configure resource allocation. Additionally, with your goal of virtualization consolidation being to push resource utilization up (maximizing your hardware investment) then you already know that you are taking the chance of maxing out your hardware (at some point) and the safe choice to make is to configure resource allocation. Let’s find out how.

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